New Bergen Rolls Royce C25:33L8ACD Marine Diesel Generator Set – SOLD!!

New / Un-Used Bergen C25:33L8ACD, 4-Stroke, Turbocharged, Intercooled, 8 Cylinder, Marine Diesel Engine/Generator Set

3480 bhp (2560kW) MCR @ 900 RPM
250MM Bore x 330MM Stroke
Electro-Hydraulic Actuator
Fuel Rack Transmitter
MMI Engine Instrument Panel
Pneumatic Displacement Starter
2-Stage Charge Air Cooler
Lube Oil Pump & Bypass Filter
Diesel Oil Booster Pump
Duplex Type Diesel Oil Filter w/ Changeover Valve (7-10 Micron Nominal)
Oil Mist Detector
Low Temperature Cooling Water Pump & Jacket Cooling Water Pump
Rig Saver Valves
ABS + ACCU Class Rating

AvK Brushless Atlernator Model DIG150 m/8
2421kW (3459kVA)
3 Phase / 60 Hz / 900 RPM
0.7 PF
Single Bearing
Anti-Condensation Heater (220V)
Air/ Water Cooled
Stator Winding & Bearing Sensors

*The following items will be shipped loose:

* Silencers – 35 dB(A) – w/ Spark Arrestors & Expansion Joints
* Diesel Oil Heat Exchangers
* Nozzle Temperature Control Module
* Jacket Cooling Water Preheater & Thermostatic Valves for Jacket Water Recirculation as well as Low Temperature
Fresh Water Circulation
* AVR for Generator
* Class Certificates

NOTES:  These gensets were ordered for a re-power of a deepwater, semi-submersible rig.  The rig lost its contract and the power was no longer needed.  These units have been factory tested but never installed.

*2 Units Available*